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  • Violence is like guns: when used correctly, both are not only proper, but necessary to preserve life and liberty.

    The left is now screaming and shouting denunciations against any violence because they have almost completed the successful overthrow of our Constitution, and they don’t want anyone to come against them to stop them.

    They also w…Read More

  • A glimpse into the fury of the aroused giant.

    After years of being trampled, insulted, degraded, and belittled, after watching 4 years of one attempt after another to overthrow the President, after watching an election be stolen, after hearing that the Constitution will be overthrown along with the Presidency and the election process, after…Read More

    1 Comment
    • The whole New World Order machine was turned against Trump. They made themselves known to those who have sight to see. Most of the kids these days have no clue that a CCP takeover is occurring right in front of our eyes, while they give tiktok and the CCP full rights to their phone.

  • Biden Plays The China Trump Card (a scenario)

    Who is actually President remains unresolved, with both parties claiming to be President.

    There are conflicting opinions issued by various courts, various state level governments, and even with congress invoking its power to select the President, there has been no concession, and no conclusive…Read More


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