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Welcome to
Social Media for Americans

Red-blooded Americans from all over the U.S.A.

Uncensored, private & secret groups.

Private transactions in crypto-currency.

Earn ARMS Rewards for participation

Protecting your 2nd with the 1st!

Social Media for Americans

Where your 1st Amendment is protected.

Where your 2nd Amendment is promoted.

Where your data and transactions are encrypted and secure.

Big tech, the media, payment processors and beaurcrats will effectively ban our 2nd Amendment before our government does.

America Uncensored

Welcome to America’s space. Where protecting your First & Second Amendment from the tyranny of the BIG TECH monolpoly is top priority.

Secure & Encrypted

Private crypto-currency transactions, combined with secure communications channels and encrypted data transfers. Your data is not how we make money.

Earn Rewards

Don’t just post, buy sell and trade. Earn free Gun Show money, just for making connections with patriotic Americans all over the USA.